The Lord Is Asking – What Say You?

4th April 2022

While we were presenting ourselves at the end of the meeting before the prophecies started coming in (Singing Shining Jesus), I felt a strong presence in the room, shortly afterwards there was a bright light standing in front of me, I had the impression that it was Jesus.

It seemed (I seemed?) to be given more clarity beyond the light and I saw Him in a Purple robe, it was really long. There were different colors of Jewels on it, then I heard “Robe of Majesty”, the atmosphere around Him seemed and felt very powerful.

I saw Him seated on a throne, at the head of a large conference table and people were sitting around Him, I had the impression that they were leaders (Church leaders). I saw Pastor and he was given a poll sheet. There were three rows with three different names which I felt represented different presidential candidates, I didn’t see the names though.

The different leaders were to stamp with their logos. A lot of the people that were invited to this table stamped the name in the 2nd row, and it seemed like this was the Lord’s will.  But I kept seeing someone being pushed off from a throne through devious means, for another to sit on.

I’ve been getting that we should pray and intercede for the Lord’s elect for like a week now, I feel the prophecies yesterday confirmed it. I got 1 Samuel 13.

I saw fire burning in a field and the sheep on it were burning too.

I heard,

“Be very careful of what of you partake in

Do not be moved by power

Save yourself from trouble.”


4th April 2022

-Sis. BA

©GAM Watchmen

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