Take Your Place!

4th April 2022

While we prayed about the things on ground, I saw two dirty looking men holding hands. I got that it was the enemy and they were looking at us and mocking. They were wondering if our people were serious and immediately, I also asked “are you guys serious?”. It looked like a bet, like let’s see if you people can stand this. Then I had the impression that we’ll conquer.

Secondly, I saw a sieve containing boiling oil with tiny things inside, it looked like olive oil, it boiled so intensely but the oil didn’t spill out. It’s as if there was fire under.

While we worshipped, before the prophetic words began to come forth, I saw two big men, they looked like politicians. One was kneeling so helplessly holding the knees of the other. It was as if he was pleading with the man standing. I didn’t understand initially but when I asked for understanding, I had the impression that the man kneeling was surrendering to the one standing and I also got that instead of boldly taking his position, he was scared of the man standing who was almost occupying his place.

Then when we prayed for the pot to overturn, I saw a very big black pot fall upside down and some of the people in it tried crawling out so weakly and they were naked.

4th April 2022

-Sis. IEO

©GAM Watchmen

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