A Divided Nigeria?

Monday 16th May, 2022

A Distorted Image

When we inquired about what we were to pray for, I saw what looked like a diamond shaped figure. It looked like something that was carved, and it had four sides; more like a product of joining two triangles together at their bases. There was a force at the centre that was trying to divide it into pieces, such that there were cracks reaching the four vertices. These cracks got wider, and more defined. Then I saw that it suddenly looked like it was four different partitions, having different colours and content. The one to the bottom right looked green, like fresh green grass. The one to the top right looked like it contained smallish fresh orange-coloured oranges. The top left had red tomatoes there. The bottom left portion was very white and looked like it had things like fleece, feathers and wool in it.

The entire piece looked very beautiful. I had the impression that it was a false picture of a divided Nigeria that is present in the hearts of the people who are quite ‘sure’ that there must be division of the country for there to be progress.

I had the impression that the different partitions in the diamond shaped piece represented the four major people zones in our nation (the North, South, East and West); while their different colours and contents represented their different strengths. It was like certain zones were saying things like, “Let us divide and go our separate ways. After all, we have agriculture, gold, etc. Let’s go with what we have – we will survive on that.”

Then I saw the entire structure appear as a mirror with cracks. A woman was holding the mirror. The woman represented Nigeria. When she looked into the mirror, her image looked distorted because of the cracks. Then I heard a voice say, “This is what will happen to the image of the nation, which I am in the process of forming, if the division is allowed to be established. They think they will be stronger apart, but they will always be a distorted image if they do not remain together as one entity.” It was clear that the beautiful diamond-shaped piece was a lie and the false reality that the Enemy has kept glued to the minds of many people who wanted the division of the country. In contrast, the distorted image seemed to be heaven’s take on the concept of division.


 Healing Rain and The Soldier Ants

Towards the end of the prayer, when we sang the song: SEND WORD LIKE RAIN, I saw a hand pour what looked viscous water on the very centre of the piece, right where the force was trying to trigger the separation. Then the water changed to gold-coloured oil. The oil got thicker. and started to function like a glue. It was obvious that the pieces were being forced together. After a while, I saw a lot of soldier ants and they were attracted to this ‘glueʼ. They began to congregate in their large numbers along the lines where the cracks had been created, and they synergized with this ‘glue’ to help put the piece together and make it one whole piece again. What came to mind was that when a lot of people are attracted to God’s words that will be sent like rain, they will be be involved in the process of restoring the piece.

The ants were soldier ants. The interpretation that had initially hit me was that those ants were disciples or soldiers in the Kingdom of God. But then I heard a voice saying, “Who said the ants only represent Kingdom soldiers?”

It felt like those soldiers represented real military men who God will use to maintain the nation’s oneness. I had the impression that these military men would receive the rain that God will send in the form of “PROPHETIC COUNSEL”, and they will be very eager to act on it.

When  Bro M. mentioned the word, ‘Judgment’, I saw a bronze mallet hit and crush a silver-coloured can (the can looked like a can of beverage). I perceived that this can Represented the Christian Association of Nigeria.


The Horses and The Bridge: Journey to Our Land of Tomorrow

When we began to pray concerning the healing of the divisions, I saw two horses standing side by side. One was brown and the other, white. The white horse was standing to the right and the brown horse stood on  the left. The brown horse was stomping its left fore-leg aggressively and incessantly, in a manner that suggested that he was trying to send out some sort of sound or waves that would cause a rhythm.

There was a wooden bridge in front of these two horses. This wooden bridge was supposed to be made of four continuous rows of slats, with joinings at different points. However, there was a missing row — the fourth one — towards the right hand side. I had the impression that these four rows of slats represented the North, South, East and Western Nigeria; and that the missing slat was the North. It felt like that missing portion had been neglected or abandoned for a long time.

The brown horse stomped for a while, and then I saw pieces of what were supposed to be slats appear in the empty space. These pieces were in a pretty bad shape. It looked like they had been subjected to harsh weather conditions and termite attacks. It was so bad that the different pieces could not be joined properly to become one piece like the other three. It seemed like the horse’s stomping was supposed to cause something to happen which would fix this fourth row. However, he did not seem to be able to accomplish this, even though he kept stomping consistently.

Then something happened. I saw that the horses exchanged places. The white horse moved to the left hand side to continue stomping, and the brown one moved to the right. After a while of this white horse stomping, I saw that the fourth row was restored completely, and then the slats became alive and began to dance in a beautifully fluid rhythm, to the horse’s stomps.  As this went on, I saw different slats from each of the rows and they began to hop and jump into each other’s rows. It was such that after a while, the slats that made up the bridge had become thoroughly mixed, so that it was difficult to tell which had come from the North, South, East or West.

Following the success of  the white horse, I saw a big hand appear from under the bridge. The hand used ropes to bind the four rows of slats together at different points. It made the entire bridge look like a single piece of brown thick cloth.  After a while, the ropes were loosened, and the bridge now had great tensile strength.

Finally, I saw that the bridge was a transition between two identical lands. The one on which the horses stood looked dim; there wasn’t much life and light there. The words, “NIGERIA TODAY” was written on the grass. The land at the other end of the bridge was full of light and life. Even the grass on its soil was emitting light. It was labelled, “NIGERIA TOMORROW”.  The white horse did not stop stomping at any point. As he went on with it, there was a time when it seemed like the two contrasting lands were coming closer to each other, and it looked like there would soon be no need for the bridge.

It felt that the brown horse represented the current President of Nigeria, President Buhari or his government, while the white horse represented the next President and his government. The brown horse looked humble and simple, while the white one looked very glorious and proud-looking. He reminded me of the horse called Shadowfax in the Lord of The Rings. I had the impression that though the incoming President may not appear as simple or humble like the current one, and would in fact be accused constantly of being proud, he would be able to do the job that God has for him.


-Brother SE

-Monday 16th May, 2022.


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