Nigeria: Songs Of Praise!

12th June, 2021

Nigeria! Nigeria! Nigeria!

United you shall stand.

I will contend with those that contend with you.

I will fight with those that fight with you.

Nigeria! Nigeria!

I am your God; you are My own.

I am here for you.

Who says you shall not stand? (laughs)

Who commanded it?

Who said it? Who? Who said it?

I have bound you together.

In My hands you stay.


My very own jewel.

Nigeria, My very own, My very own.

With you, I shall do great things o.

From your ashes shall come beauty.

I will purge away your haters.

I will purge away those who wish you evil.

I will cleanse you (3x).

Nigeria, I will cleanse you.


Songs of praises shall come out of the lips of Nigerians.

Songs of praises. Songs of praises. Songs of praises.

In the valley, it shall remain for a time and yet a time.

In the valley, it shall remain, Nigeria, for three and half, three and a half, three and a half.

And it shall be time for the unveilings.

And then you shall arise as the Queen that you are.

You shall arise!

Kings shall come to your rising (2x).

You shall be a beauty to behold.

Righteousness, righteousness, righteousness will be your second name.

Oh! Death is prowling around.

But those who bear the mark of the Lord shall abide under the shadow of the King.

Whose mark do you bear?

Whose mark do you bear?

Death is prowling. It’s not over yet, it’s not over yet. His quota is not yet full. It’s not over. It’s not over.

But they that call upon the Lord, they shall be safe, they shall be strong and they shall do My will.


Woe to the inhabitants of the earth.

Woe to all those who had turned their backs on the Lord. Woe to you. Woe! I say, “Woe.”

I wish and I wail for you because death is roaming.

My children, go in this might.

My children, go in My might.

My children, I shall gift you the angel of My presence — but be careful.

Be careful! Be careful!

It’s the angel of My presence, be careful.

It’s the angel of My presence.

Be careful! Be careful!

Be careful! Be careful!  It’s the angel of My presence.

I give him to you, but be careful.

12th June, 2021

Sis Q.I

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