Intercessors Needed: Death Released!

Tuesday, July 6th 2021

While I prayed for Nigeria, I saw the Nigerian flag, and it was pointing towards the East as it bled. I saw blood; it was covered with blood, and the tail was pointing towards the North. I heard:

Pray! Pray! I see the rushing wind of death rolling into the land; pray for restraint.

(At that point, I felt that some other people at their different places were praying as well. Praying every hour of the day, like a prayer chain, came to mind).

Oh! Tell the Church to pray, death has been released, and many will taste of it.”

I saw that it could be reverted, but that will be determined by how much we intercede.

I saw vultures hovering around the East, as though waiting for death to come so it could start feasting on the dead. I heard:

Wake up the sleeping soldiers; it is time to intercede for your nations. Call on the church in Nigeria; it is time to pray. It is a call to pray. Famine is coming; where are your farmlands? It is time to sow.”

Tuesday, July 6th 2021.

Sis P.A

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