Improper Balance

27th December 2021




I was reading the book of Romans (chapter 2, specifically), and it was speaking of the circumcised and the uncircumcised. It was related to the days of Noah, and it came to mind how some people were given over to the spirit of the age and the depravity of their minds.

So, while I was thinking about this, it seemed there were two groups of people, and the river Jordan was between them. There was a wilderness on one side, and the Promised Land on the other, with the Jordan in between.

The people from the wilderness had crossed the Jordan, but  they didn’t go deep into the Promised Land. They remained close to the Jordan, and what I heard was “IMPROPER BALANCE”. That is, a sense of ‘balance’ that keeps you nearer to death than to God’s actual promises.

This represented the extremes and things that people do, trying to maintain the standards of worldliness and seem less like ‘fanatic’ followers of Jesus.

Then I heard, “Do not have a balance that curses your soul!”

I understood that we must resolve to go deeper and further into the Promised Land — conquering land and fighting battles to get all that God has promised, rather than just staying on the edge and feeling satisfied with what we can see and the little we have gotten where we are.

Thus, this state of coldness and complacency will cost us greatly, and it will hinder us from going deeper into the Promised Land to fight the battles.

Then I heard, “The spirit of the age leads more to the Jordan than to the Promised Land.”

It causes some to stay in the middle, rather than move further into the land.

“The race is not for the swift, but try your very best to fight! Use all that has been given to you. The angel of strength is with you. The angel of ‘will’ (that is, might) and power is working with you. You can use him, or you can choose not to, and stand still. Mercy is available, but using the weapons of strength and wisdom will help you move further with Me.”

Desire more. Probe more. Grow more, and fight more. At every point, the Lord is with you; He sees you and fights on your side.

A battle is brewing. He needs people fighting with Him and for Him. If you don’t fight with Him, you’re fighting against Him. Titles don’t matter. Words don’t matter. Your state of heart is what matters. Your actions matter.

Where is your heart being led to?




27th December 2021

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