God’s Strong Army 2

People were marching in a straight vertical line. Each person in the queue heldthe next person’s shoulder, marching in a pattern. They were moving their bodies left and right while marching and singing. It was impossible for one to break ranks or go out of the formation, because each person had the other’s back and shoulder. (I had the impression that this gesture spoke of each person suppressing the other’s pride). Everyone was looking ahead, following what the commander was doing. They were not intimidated or conscious of any other external influence. Anyone who broke ranks or out of formation did so on his own. I saw someone fall out forcefully, after which he was immediately attacked by some invisible creatures.

Our strength was our unity. Our praises were our aggressive strategy, and we shook the land with our marching and voices. It was like the sound of an army of horses running into a plain from a distance. The enemy cities ahead were afraid. We encircled and engulfed first city we faced. All of a sudden, the city walls fell down. We incorporated what was necessary, and brought down what was meant to be. We were like an army of ants engulfing a morsel of food, or an amoeba absorbing food particles.

We moved on to the next city. Our story of victory began to spread through the land. I sensed strong opposition in the air, but we were so focused on following our commander – and so absorbed in the songs and unity of the brethren (checking each other’s backs)– that we didn’t seem to feel the influence of the opposition that much. So, as we marched to the next city, we found that the people in that city had heard of how we triumphed over a previous city, and decided to plan counter-measures to that, but we took them by surprise. We used a different approach – we had sent spies earlier, so we attacked the city from within, so that the security was already breached by the time the others arrived, and we smashed the walls with our legs, then engulfed it. It just went on – we had a different battle strategy for each new city.

I saw like an angelic host similar to the Air-Force. They were like our eyes from above, as they must have been invisible so others couldn’t see. They gave us wisdom and understanding on how to forge ahead and fight. We were meant to just pay attention to them and follow their signal. Sometimes they would go ahead and fight for us; once, they dropped a bomb that emits a bright stunning light, giving us a swift and easy victory. Our duty was to follow their leading. The words ‘Wisdom, Counsel and Might’ were written on the plane. They were our weaponry and food supplies.

Yet, as we kept forging ahead, I felt the opposition would get stronger, especially as our victory stories were spreading in the land. The ‘great men’ of the land started plotting, and those external influences around us became more visible – to distract us, break our unity and disrupt our praise. They would use everything they could, people who were close to us, and other things. It was then I understood a bit more why it’s so important that we cross the River Jordan, (which signifies death to the world) so we won’t be drawn to any of those things, no matter what was happening.

I saw one of those men hold someone’s parents with a knife to the throat, making threats. We are called to do the Master’s will, and that it meant to be our focus at all times – ‘a single eye’. I heard, “People fell by the wayside as the opposition and pressure mounted, but those who endure to the end will be saved.”

Brother MP, Wednesday Meeting, June 6th 2018

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