The Three Cyclones

When we sang ‘One Song’ during the morning session, I saw three huge cyclones which were spinning close to each other, but also close to a tree. The three cyclones seemed to be moving or rotating in different directions. As we kept on praying for God’s church to become one, I saw the three cyclones merge to form one huge cyclone; its speed also seemed to increase. Because of its speed of rotation, the cyclone began to act like a drill and was entering into the Earth (ground) while still rotating. While in the ground, it began to suck in things, especially objects that connoted wealth. I saw was that what it sucked in most were cars and a lot of material things. The cyclone was behaving more or less like a vacuum cleaner.

By the time it was done, the entire environment (which I understood represented the whole earth) was now clean and fresh. You could feel the life in the air. It was as though the entire Earth  was now a garden of some sort and I saw that everywhere had also become an unending expanse of land with fresh green grass sprouting all over it. 

This is the understanding I got:

The three cyclones represent Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles. Their coming together to form one huge and powerful cyclone signifies the oneness that the Church needs today. It was being pointed out to me that The Body of Christ today has three major/broad categories of doctrine.

 There are groups whose teachings are limited to the Passover experience; salvation through the  work of Christ on the Cross. They are neither willing to venture into anything that involves the Pentecost (The outpouring of God’s Spirit) nor have the understanding of the Tabernacles – the eternal plan of God to make man His dwelling place.

There are also groups who stick to this Pentecost experience, not progressing to the revelation of the blessed hope that exists for mankind in the era of Tabernacles.

Then, there are those who have actually moved on to understanding the Tabernacles. I believe God was saying that Oneness in the Church will be marked by the merging of these three into one, and these things become the teachings that are taught all over the Body.

This is when the Church will truly be able to generate the energy required to overcome the things that are in the world, and the only outcome will be the beginnings of restoration of the Earth.

I also understand that this coming together will be marked by the fullness of the manifestations that are to accompany the coming of both the Latter and Former Rain to the Earth!


 – Bro S.E.

 June 18th, 2019


© God’s Lighthouse, 2019.

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