Sounds From Afar

“Listen for the sound from a faraway country. When you hear it, know it is time to move.”
When I was hearing this, I saw myself standing and sound waves (circular waves) were coming from a very faraway place I could not see, and the waves were being directed directly into my ears-my right ear specifically. Though I saw myself in the vision, I had the impression it was for the House.

While we were singing ‘To be close To You Is like Heaven’, I saw myself standing in front of what I knew to be Heaven’s Gate. There seems to be a scan of some sort which was being coordinated by an angel. The scan was reading people’s hearts.

 If your heart was glowing red light, you would not be allowed to enter but if it was glowing green, you would be allowed to enter. Mine was glowing red and I almost sure that I would not be allowed to enter. But the angel took out my heart and put in another one that was glowing green then I was allowed to enter. While I was thinking I would not be let in, I heard a voice quoting Ezekiel 36:26 I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you: I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.

I initially thought that what I was seeing in the vision was a present tense matter of my life, but I was made to understand that this had happened many times. What I was shown inside the gates answered why I had to be back at this gate many times. Now inside the gates, I noticed that everywhere was a garden. Somewhere along the line, I saw that the activities going on in my mind made my green heart go red again! It was more like a reddish fluid would sip down from my brain down to my heart and cover its green color, even solidifying it. I understood that if my

thoughts were not purified and I accepted them that way, they will eventually damage my heart.

I saw many ‘Men of God’ there. They were dressed in their well made suits but with very red hearts. The difference between I and them was that I always eventually acknowledged that my heart had gone bad and I would be returned to the gate (which I now understood to represent Repentance). These men never accepted that their hearts were evil. They were merely being kept inside heaven as Mercy on them. Time was being given to them to repent and when their time was up, they would be bound up and thrown out; not merely outside the Gate but to a place they would not like at all, a place of judgement.

Major Lessons Learnt

  1. Unpurified thoughts can and will eventually destroy your heart.

  2. Repentance (a continued state of being repentant and not just a onetime thing) is a major gate to maintaining access to heaven.

Bro SE
26th June, 2019

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