While we were repenting, I saw an old man dressed in white. His hair was white and he had white long beards too. He was sitting on a wooden throne. There was the carving of the face of an animal that looked like a Uakari [pronounced Wuhkare, a kind of monkey] at the back of the chair. There was a large crowd gathered in front of him but some distance away from him. They were arranged in an arc and were mostly much younger people. It seemed like a whole city was gathered to him. They came to learn wisdom from this old man. But there was a problem. This old man had an ulcer on his left shin that kept distracting him from attending to this crowd and it wasn’t nice at all.

I understood that he’d had the opportunities to heal this ulcer as he was growing up but didn’t take it as a serious thing.  This would be our fate if we don’t rid ourselves of whatever we need to. And of course, this man was going to give account for these people.

Bro S E
7th July, 2019

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