Beauty Of Holiness

The Lord He is God! The Lord He is King! The Lord reigns supreme! The Lord is Time. The Lord is Life. The Lord is Salvation. The Lord is Ruler. The Lord reigns. The Lord sees. He drives away all evil. He is a shield. He is strength. He is safety. He is judge. He is righteousness.
He dwells in splendour. He rides on majesty. He rides on in honour. He does justice. By Him and Him alone princes’ reign and rulers decree justice. He sets up one and brings down another. The Lord rules in the affairs of men giving it to the basest of men.

Worship! Worship! Worship the King. Worship the beauty of holiness. Worship His majesty. Worship His greatness. Bring before Him the glory that is due Him. Bring before Him the precious gifts. Bring before Him the sacrifice He deserves. He accepts nothing less.
You want to see Him? He wants you to come. Who will ascend His holy hill? Who will dwell in His tabernacle?
Purity! Purity is what I want.  I am Holy.  I cannot behold iniquity.  I am Holy.  I am holiness.  You are to worship the beauty of holiness. Do you not see? Holiness is beautiful. It is like a bride prepared, set apart for her groom and none other.

Sis EA
10th July, 2019

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