A Bloody Upgrade

I saw my heart being ripped off and it was stony, only a little part contained flesh. I was crying because I couldn’t believe my heart was so rocky.

I was then taken back to when the Lord was crucified. I saw the Lord on the cross and he looked at me with eyes full of love as I was kneeling down crying. Then he ripped out his heart (his heart had life in it, red and dripping blood not rocky as mine) and put it into mine. I screamed because it was painful, it felt like I bore his pains and burdens. Then he took me to the Jordan river he was baptized in and drowned me. I literally died and then there was this satisfaction on his face.

He took me and used a hot rod to pierce both my eyes, then he said “I have to blind you for you to see”, it was so painful I screamed. He also brushed my ears with the kind of brush used to wash toilet so I could hear better. I think for me this was the upgrade I needed. Then he said “drink my blood and eat my flesh.”

Sis FE
10th July, 2019

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