From The Lion And The Lamb

15th September  2017

I saw seven creatures emerge (not fully) from the seven pools. Their bodies were serpentine, and their skin had the texture of a dragon. They had weird looking eyes on their faces. They had hair reminiscent of a lion’s mane, or the sides of a cobra’s head. These creatures wound tightly around each letter. The letters began to crack.

I saw a watchtower by the side of the letter A with a church steeple/minaret at the top. Light shone from within the watchtower towards the letters, but the light had dimmed so much – it looked like what you’d get when the electric current is low.

I also noticed blood dropping slowly from above into the water. It looked like it was about to finish.

I heard a trembling voice within me saying, “My mercies are running out. The judgment on Nigeria will follow the judgment upon the church. It will start from families, and spread to communities, to tribes, and to the states. Go into the marketplace, into churches, into schools, into houses and declare these words. Tell them to repent and come into My rest and love. Teach them My ways and statutes, lest My judgments come swiftly upon them like the wind. Remind them that I am the Lion and the Lamb. I am gentle and loving, but when I roar, all will tremble. Tell them to dread that day – the day of My judgment – tell them to fear Me and I’ll teach them.

15th September  2017

Bro. MP

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