Evil Counselors!

October 28th, 2020.

While worshipping, I heard that those who still have open doors will have so many temptations. Expect a lot of temptations.

I saw some people and demons, in the form of cute animals I haven’t seen before approached them. Those who could not discern what the cute animals really were picked them up, placed them on their shoulders and moved. When they started moving forward, I noticed that the animal’s face changed into a boar with a black face and weird smile.

When they picked up these animals, in the physical realm, old friends came around and the scene became like a drama set [between one of them and an old friend]:

Old friend: Hey, how are you doing? Long time!”

Person: Long time.” He replied.

Old friend:  “How has it been?”

Person:I’m fine.”

Old friend:  “What have you been doing so far?”

Person:  “I’ve been trying to know God and serve Him, and I’m going [out] for evangelism [too].”

Old Friend:No time to rest?”

Person:There’s war; there’s no time to rest.”

Old friend: [Laughter] “War? Can’t you notice that there is no war? Everything is calm.”

They [the people who had taken up the cute animals] were trying to convince their old friends to not be deceived by the calm state of things; that there was an urgency in the Spirit. The old friends laughed and said, “Guy, abeg forget that one. Let us go and have a drink; just juice.”

At this point, there was a sense of warning in the hearts of the people and for a split second, they felt afraid. Then the fear disappeared and they felt, “Okay, it’s just a drink; just juice.”

So they agreed and went out to drink. One of them took juice but his old friends told him, “You know the Scripture says you can drink but don’t get drunk.” The person was still looking at them.

Then they said,“You think we are lying?”  and opened the Bible portion and showed him. The person was still looking at them when they told the waiter to bring a drink that had 2% alcohol and said, “Just try it out, it’s not bad.”

At that point, the person looked at the alcohol content and saw that it was just 2% and went like “2% cannot hurt, ” and then took a sip. It was very sweet.

The friends said, “You see, you didn’t get drunk. Do you want to try another one?”

He replied, “No, I’m not sure I’m doing the right thing.”

Then the friends laughed and asked, “What do you mean by ‘I’m not sure I’m doing the right thing?ʼ We have shown you in the  Bible ‘Drink, but don’t get drunk.ʼ It means that your body can know the point you’ll get drunk, and you can stop at that point.”

The person kept staring at them and then said, “Okay, no problem.” The waiter brought more and before he knew it, he was tipsy and high. Then he got angry and told his friends he wanted to leave. They were like, “No problem, you can go.”


Then I saw a scene where someone put a cannula.

[ Cannula: a thin tube that is inserted into the body (the veins or body cavities) for administration of medication or drainage of fluid.]

Instead of drugs, I saw that alcohol was put in. It was hung on a drip stand and inserted, so it entered the person’s vein directly.




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