Chains & Pendants

30th September, 2020
I saw lots of people in a a desert, and there was a small flat rock just in front of them. I saw Jesus standing on the rock, teaching. As He taught, I noticed something on each of the people there.

Some had something like a golden chain around their necks, with pendants on them. For some people, the pendant was a small golden microphone. For some others, the pendant was a bundle of money made of gold. For some, the pendant was faces of handsome men or beautiful women. Then for some, the pendant was a bundle of books.

As Jesus continued preaching, certain men walked into their midst with small knives and began to cut the chains. Some people started struggling with the men. Some started crying out, telling them to leave their pendant alone. For some, the men couldn’t cut the chain holding the pendant, because it was thick gold.

But I noticed that for some other people, their pendants were disappearing even before the men came, and so there was nothing to cut. There was something particular about them: they kept staring at Jesus as He was talking, and as they did, the pendants vanished! However, I also noticed that another few, (while they were staring at Jesus), continued caressing the necklace like they were still holding on to it before those men with the knives approached them.

Then I saw a forest and I was led through a path by someone. I couldn’t see his face; I could only see his feet. As we were going through the path, we stumbled into a cleared area within the forest and I saw people sitting down. They were like prisoners, but they were Christians with Bibles and they were singing. When the man [I was with] entered into their midst, the captors came as though they wanted to attack the man. The man waved his hand and they fell into a deep sleep, so the man led the people out of the forest. I tried to look at the man’s face, but it was as if he was faster than me. I could only see his back view.

Then I saw another picture. I saw a lady sitting in front of a mirror admiring her face and hair. I heard an angry voice say, “Because your treasure is in your outward appearance, I will cause decay. I will make you detestable to the men you want to be admired by.” Immediately, her face began to corrode and sores appeared all over her body. She began screaming and crying, and begging that the sores and the corrosion should be taken away but no one answered her.


– S.B

© God’s Lighthouse 2020.

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