Better Grow Up!

5th July 2019

Have you not heard? Have you not heard that the knowledge of the glory of the Lord will take over the earth as the waters cover the sea?

What are you doing about it? What are you doing about the instructions you have received? You want new instructions?

You will run mad on the streets. Go! There is unbelief in your hearts. Will you not go?

You better pray!

I do not require outward show of reverence. Reverence Me in your hearts!

It hasn’t been about Me, has it? Your living has NOT been about Me!

Go out and do! That is responsibility! That is repentance!

You are still children. You do not understand. You lack understanding!

Have you not been told to know no man after the flesh? Have you not understood the need for discernment? Why are you casual? Why do you walk as those who have no understanding of times and seasons? Why do you stand by and watch things happen? Why? Why do you do nothing?

Have I not taught you to come to Me? Have I not said that you should keep your eyes on Me?

When will you grow up? Will you grow up when the destruction is over with? Will you finally understand after the evil has been done? When will you understand?

Have I not said, ‘Seek ME?’ Have I not said, ‘Do not seek Bethel?’ Have I not said, ‘Seek Me?’ Have I not said, ‘Come?’

You still do not know Me. You still have no clue. Do you dare to think you can accomplish My work in your own strength? It appears you have not understood.

I am coming! I will come. I will clean My house. I will take the whip to all that is buying and selling in My house. I will purge My house. Do not say I have not shown mercy. Do not say I have not given enough warnings. Do not say I have not given time. You better get up! You better grow up! No one will escape. Do not think you are too small. You will not escape. Everyone of you will come before Me. Every last soul.

I have spoken time and time again. You will listen, I assure you. You will hear. You will understand. You will see. You will hear. You will know. I will do all of these. You will know. You will not go on as you are. No! I will not allow it. I will scatter you. I will cause you to run. You have seen nothing yet. You haven’t learnt to not answer to anyone, but Me. You will see. Do you want to know My wrath? Have you not heard that it is a terrible thing to fall into My hands? Have you never been told?

I am coming!


COMPLACENCY! LUKEWARMNESS! Disgusting! I will spew such out.

Blowing hot and cold? Not taking a stand? See what I will do to you. You will know My kindness; you will also know my severity. You have asked to know Me, you will know Me. You will come close and I will burn every bit of flesh I find. I am a consuming fire. You will know.

I assure you, you do not want to know My breach of promise like the Children of Israel did. You do not want it. I will touch everything that takes your attention from Me. You will be saved at all costs. I will save you. Even with fire, I will save you.

You will know my wrath. You will know! You will understand. You better grow up! You better learn. You better sit up. The times for games are over. Carelessness will cost you. It can even cost you your life.  You better be vigilant. You better stand at your post lest the whole body suffer.

I love you, you must understand this. I can do nothing different, it is who I am; It is what I am, It is my nature. You must understand this. I love you, so I will cause you to sit up. I will cause you to grow up. I will do this because I love you.


Sis EA

5th July 2019

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