Belt Of Truth: Hold On To It!

May 20th, 2021

While I prayed, I was calling out the armor of God one by one, I got stuck at the belt of truth.

It came with a slight burden. I kept seeing some people tossing the belt up and down; some shifting it left and right, just trying to adjust it to how they like it. It felt as though it had  a certain way to be placed, so we shouldn’t tamper with it. Some would remove it and wear it back again, just playing with it generally.

I heard, ‘Compromise.’ Then I prayed that God helps us not to compromise, rather we should stand for the truth and not against it.

I prayed also that God helps us not to joke with the truth we have been taught, or throw it out to the pigs like is nothing (like throwing precious stones to the pigs); We should have an understanding that truth is precious. I kept hearing, ‘Buy truth and sell it not!’ I understood it this way: some people would buy the truth, then go and exchange it with trash. 

For the sword of the spirit, I got, ”Let he who has no sword, sell all he has and get one.”


-Sis D.S

May 20th, 2021

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