Battle Of The Tank (1)

19th October 2020

I saw a boat and members of the church were entering into it and sailing on the water. I heard, “Go out! Go out of the boat!” but nobody went out. They kept rowing the boat. Then I heard “Go out,” but they still kept rowing. And then, for the third time, I heard, “Go out!” but they kept rowing right on. Then the boat broke into pieces and they [the people in the boat] were on the water, (sitting on the water, in its center). I heard, “Now go!” They started walking in one direction. Then I heard, “Spread out to all the nations.”

Then I saw a cup [with wine in it] and we were praising God. As we did, the wine in the cup was getting full, until it overflowed. Then I heard, “Won’t you share it with other people?”

Then I saw us in battle and it was as if the battle had piped down [the battle intensity had reduced], and then it increased again, so we were fighting very hard. We were walking together really fast and killing the evil horde!

I saw myself armed with a bow, armour, shield, arrows and there were no archers. All the archers were in the battlefield and they could use swords and shield. Everybody was the same; there were no distinctions amongst the cavalry. Everyone was riding a horse, and their quivers were full of arrows, with their swords, spears and shields. They wore heavy golden clothing. It was silver at first, then it was replaced with a golden one and we were fighting hard; I was shooting my arrows.

Then I saw one tank. I went to the tank, and in front of the tank [I didn’t see the tank before], there was a very huge horde fighting people in the battlefield.

Then I saw the evil horde fighting in front of the tank, and people were fighting against the evil horde so that they could climb the tank and break it. If you tried to climb up, they [the evil horde] would shoot arrows at you, which would hit your helmet and bounce off. If you reached the top, then you could slash the tank, and water will come out. {They’ll push you down, you’ll climb up.}

That’s how they continued, and the tank broke into pieces. Water flowed down from it, and it gave us more strength than before.

The horde was weak [now] so we could defeat them more, and we kept fighting.

Demons came out from the ground to replace the ones that were dead [the ones we killed].

They kept coming out until there was no demon left to come out and replace the dead people in the horde.

If a demon died, another would come out and replace it, so all of them were replaced. They were still coming out, and we were becoming few. So we divided ourselves into two parts: one small group and one big group.

The small group was supposed to run and call other people while we, the big group, were holding back the horde. The small part returned with other people after quite a long time. They came back with children first and said the big people didn’t want to listen. Then they went back again, and brought big people, but they were very few. The children were given wooden armour, and they started fighting the demons. The demons that were fighting them were few.

When the children were given silver armour, the demons fighting them started increasing in number. Then when they were given golden armour, they joined in with us (the big part) and started fighting against the horde to break tanks. The big people were given wooden armour and they refused it. As they were trying to remove the wooden armour, demons wounded them and they put the armour in the wounded places. But then, they would remove it and say, “It’s too hot; wait, let my wound heal… “

It was like they were fighting without some armour (some things were not in place), and they were quite skilled. Then the big people were given silver armour. By this time, the children were using the golden armor. They put it on very quickly. Then, it was as if they were shining, and the people with silver armor started saying they also wanted the golden armor.

They would remove the silver armour and say, “Put golden armor here… ” As they removed it, they would be hit with a blow. They had plenty wounds because of that. They were eventually given the golden armor, and then they joined us and started fighting the horde.

By the time everyone had golden armor, shields, swords, spears and arrows, as we fought, fire would go out; it would spread, but it would not burn us, even though we were in the midst of the fire that kept spreading.

We defeated them together!

– EJIU (Age 10)
© God’s Lighthouse, 2020.

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