Angel Wars

While we were praying, I saw angels with sceptres. Demons were also coming as angels of light with their own sceptres. Then God said; “You must choose which is a good sceptre, and which is a bad sceptre. They all look alike; this is your first training.”

The people that usually obeyed God knew that there would be demons among the angels, because they were wondering, “God said we should choose which one is the right sceptre. How will angels come and demons not follow? Maybe He’s saying we should choose which one is God’s sceptre, and which sceptre Satan’s sceptre.”

Then the demons were hurrying [towards the people] and saying, “Take my own! Take my own!” The person [one of the people who used to obey God] now knew that the “angel” was not patient, and that was not an angel, but a demon. Then he collected the angel’s sceptre.

For the others who didn’t like obeying God, when the demons said “Take my own, take my own!”  the good angel wanted to say “Take my own, ” but the demon [quickly] said “Take my own!”  The person [one of the disobedient people] then thought that the demon was the ‘good angel’ that was trying to give his scepter first so that the angel would not give the other sceptre to him. Then God said  “You have chosen the wrong sceptre. This is going to be your first punishment.” The man asked why, and God said,  “It is because this is training; don’t you know that My people are always patient, and they don’t rush for everything?”

I also saw the angels that gave the sceptres; as they were going up, the enemy threw a trap to catch them. Angel Michael caught the trap, and they started fighting the enemies. The enemies were as much as the good angels. The good angels called us – made up of everybody (not only in this house and not only church members) but it wasn’t time for the real war yet. Then we started fighting the bad angels. We were many (since the good angels were the same number as the bad angels), so adding us (the humans) to the angels made us a lot. We were very many, and then we started fighting.

When it was time for war, the people who didn’t want to prepare were asking God:

“God, please, which way should we go and stand? God please, where will we keep the children? [Should we keep them] in one side, and the big people in another side? How will we start fighting?”

Then God said, “You did not prepare. I’m not going to ask you, [but] didn’t you see the children prepared? You’re supposed to follow them and prepare; why didn’t you prepare?” Then He said “Prepare! Prepare…”

Before the people started war, God said, “Prepare. War is coming! Shout praises for My name and rejoice in Me gladly (and not soberly).”


– AIU (Aged 8)

October 12th, 2020

© God’s Lighthouse, 2020.

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