African Struggle

1st October 2018 

While we were praying for Nigeria, I saw the globe of the world. I saw it as though it was divided into 4 cardinal points. N+E+W+S= NEWS! The impression I had was of (1 Corinthians 2:9 – eyes have not seen, ears have not heard…)

It was like there was a struggle over Africa and Nigeria was chosen because they were called giants. It was like only two colours mattered; white and black. They were called neutral colours. America was the giant of the whites. I saw darkness over this land and tiny sparks of light here and there. In the African part, there was greater light, but darkness like a great river was coming from the white kingdom (America) into Africa (Nigeria) and it was coming fast. I heard that America (the White) has greater darkness because they have rejected the name of Jesus. In Africa Nigeria (as the representatives) still has light, though not because of how good or righteous they are. They have called upon His name and thus are saved. (Romans 10:17). They still call Him His name, Jesus, and there is light, because He is light. I saw us struggling with a linen napkin (white) but it had a dark and scary presence. As we struggled, the globe of the world turned and bent (rotated) to any side we went. I heard we should contend for our nation so that darkness does not win.

1st October 2018 

Sis NO

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