The Coming of the Lord

Mat 24:36-39–

Contrary to the common interpretation of Mat 24:36 which says NO ONE KNOWS THE DAY OR HOUR, it doesn’t at any time say that NO ONE WILL KNOW THE DAY OR HOUR.  God referred to us as gods and added that we would die as men because we do not believe (Psa 82:6-7). Paul pressed on for the higher calling (Phil 3:14). The Father gave all that He had to Jesus including knowledge (Jn 3:35, 8:28, 16:15).  The scripture 1Cor 2:9 which says ‘Eye has not seen nor ear heard, neither have entered the heart of men the things which God has prepared for those that love Him’… is popularly quoted by people as no one knows the heart of God but that isn’t true! The very next verse says spirit searches out the deep things of God! (1Cor 2:10, Jn 16:15) Therefore the Spirit knows the day and hour.

Nature of His coming

1Thes 5:1-3 – the day of the Lord will come on them suddenly like labour pains of a pregnant woman (1Thes 5:3). The nature and pattern of labour pains is spasmodic, there are periods of contraction which is very painful, followed by periods of dilation which is less painful. As the time of birth draws closer, the time interval between periods of contraction and dilation shortens.  The coming of the Lord is going to be spasmodic, there will be seasons and gaps and you have to understand this to avoid erring. We think His coming is something that will take place in the future, His coming began a long time ago! Most of the events listed in Matt 24 have already been occurring with the gaps between their various occurrences shortening. The first labour pangs may draw much attention but with time the pregnant woman gets used to it. The coming of the Lord will be in pangs with painful episodes and increasingly difficult seasons of trouble will keep hitting the earth.

Confidence of those in the light

In 1Thes 5:4 – the day of the Lord should not come like a thief in the night to those who are in the light and Christians ought to be in the light! (1Jn 1:7-9, Acts 13:47).  Why then is the topic of rapture coming on us suddenly mostly preached by Christians? The apostles and disciples preached about the resurrection of the dead not rapture (Acts 4:2,1Cor 15:13). The day should only overtake those of the world not the children of God. If you are a son of darkness and of the night, you’ll surely be surprised. It will be like in the days of Noah (Mat 24:37) and as a wise man, you should go to Noah and ask how it was so as to prepare well. Not being surprised doesn’t mean that you won’t be affected by the unrests;  it means you would already have prepared for them. In the parable of the wise and foolish man, the storm came and hit the both of them but the wise man who heard and did God’s word stood (Mat 7:24-27). Hearing about the incoming disasters written in the word of God and doing nothing about it doesn’t help, it only makes you angrier that you knew beforehand and didn’t adequately prepare! God gives His children of light updates because it’s not in His character to shock His own. He likes talking to His children and usually when He doesn’t mention a particular thing it means He has taken care of it. He wants us expecting Him to speak to us about events and their occurrence. Prepare as people who plan to receive information from God. The Holy Spirit’s job is to tell you all truth (Jn 16:13). Each time you hear the words of God, it’s like bolts being fastened more securely. Each time you listen to a message, pray, and fellowship with people in obedience, you are building the ark which is the house of God. When you hear from God and walk with Him, you’ll see disasters as God trying to get the world’s attention. You will be calm in the midst of the storm when others are anxious and terrified (Psa 56:3, 23:4).

Signs that will follow His coming

There will be many troubles in the world! Nations will rise against nations (the word nation is from the Hebrew word “ethnos” which means ethnic groups). Unfortunately when wars arise, people dabble with the occult which opens the gates of hell causing darkness to rise. Many feel God cannot bring calamity upon a place or people but this is His way of expressing displeasure most times (Nah 1:3, Jer 30:11). God is a consuming fire (Heb 12:29) and a Lion (Hos 11:10,13:7,Lam 3:10). He reacts when we break His words. Christians like waiting for disaster to occur before they respond which is far from what Noah did; he responded as soon as God spoke to Him (Gen 6:11-22). Look at all that Noah was willing to give up to build the ark, he would have built houses, enjoyed himself feasting, and even rested too but he didn’t! We should ask God to help us become proper Noah’s of this generation.

How to prepare for the day of the Lord

God needs people to stand in the gap. To have authority, you have to have an attitude of habitual obedience.  Noah’s life was a picture of how to prepare, do not hear about it and disregard it. You do not build an ark in weeks or months. Start obeying God now because you cannot get ready in a hurry. A prayer meeting is not an ark building exercise; arks are built from daily obedience.  Obedience is the strategy, and will position you for deliverance (as Noah) not your money or seed. The floods will come in pangs and cycles. Only those who boarded the ark survived and saw a new day because they listened to what God said (Gen 8:15-19). In Mat 24:38, note the things that occurred before the flood:  there was eating, drinking and marriages till the day that Noah entered the ark. What happens when we refuse to take note of times and seasons? (Ecc 3:1) You suffer great disaster. This is a time to REPENT! The nation and born again Christians are to repent now. There is a time to move – what will happen to those led by the blind? They will fall together! You can’t follow a blind leader and expect a safe landing (Mat 15:14, Lk 6:39). The Israelites didn’t understand the times and seasons.


Judgment is coming, if you are planning to hope on prophets alone – you better go and become a prophet yourself! Do not plan to get closer to God with the sole intention of being saved from trouble, instead repent and do God’s will.

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