#CHARLIE-CHARLIE: Don’t Do The Challenge!

On this matter of #Charlie-Charlie [for those who do not know it already, don’t bother going to find it out. It is called the Charlie-Charlie Challenge and it is a demonic game created to make people summon demons. It is an ancient game that has been made popular again and it has gone viral on social media], first of all, do not forward the videos of it anymore. By itself, it is spooky enough and possibly an open door. Without knowing more about that lady, (who popularized it), the moment I was shown the video, as it played for two seconds, all I did was begin to pray and rebuke her workings and that’s what we’re meant to do. Prayers should go out; in fact, it should go out as a special prayer. We all should rebuke the works of darkness and the open doors that this might give to nations all over the earth.

And interestingly, we [God’s Lighthouse] have just started a challenge this week, and then this [demonic] challenge also begins. Now, as a church, we do not try to follow or do things because others are doing it [e.g. doing a challenge because others are doing a challenge], so the devil in his nefarious nature is not sleeping. This is a battle; it is darkness and should be confronted fully. I know many people all over the world will do so; Americans will and we will too. One of our brothers had gotten a prophetic word all the way back in December and it had warnings about being taken in or enamored by foolishness. Now, this is not just foolishness, this is witchcraft. So we take on witchcraft the way it should be taken on. You rebuke the demon at work, you pray against its ability to spread, you command its power and the darkness being put out to cease.

Spells and incantations have power, they are not empty words only. They are rooted in things that are beyond us. There are things that are beyond this time, beyond this age we are in. Where do you think the Sons of God are from? What are they? They could sleep with human beings and have children. If Adam was called the first Adam, and then you read about the last Adam, do you presume there may not have been other kinds of beings? [1 Corinthians 15:45].

They can sleep with women and cohabit and produce children – every seed produces after its kind. Anyway, my point is this: that the same way our language and actions today can generate results and have an effect, so also there are things from before our time, there are things from out of our space.

In the book of Daniel, you read about the Watchers (Daniel 4:17) – you read about a matter being by the decree of the Watchers. They decreed and a king went crazy. The Bible doesn’t tell you that God decreed; it tells you that it is by the decree of the Watchers. In 1 Kings 22, you read about a spirit leaving the presence of God and God says (to the spirit), “Go and succeed, ” and he goes to become a lying spirit in the mouth of the prophets (1 Kings 22:17-23). Now, that spirit had approval, he had permission. But the point is that the manifestation of the workings of spirits has an effect on the lives of people on the earth.

Words have power. There are spirits, and spirits have power. Spirits have names. People have said, ‘I want the devil to come to me’, and they prayed, did something, and they got a response. So, you can’t say that words are empty. There’s nothing like empty words, really. The Bible tells you that life and death are in the power of your tongue (Proverbs 18:21). Watch your tongue. The Bible says, Look at how great a fire is caused by such a little member.  (James 3:5-6). Words are life and death; by your words, you are justified and by your words, you are condemned (Matthew 12:37).

So, the devil [wanting to spread death] just gets us to talk. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks (Matthew 12:34). So, there is something in your heart that makes your mouth move a certain way. You must have allowed it [into your heart]. So, if a parent or a person keeps speaking over [another] person, saying certain things, they can create things in the second person’s life. It just has to do with authority. So, just saying things that are said to be able to generate something will generate that thing, whether you claim to believe it or not. Your saying that you do not believe it does not mean a thing. It’s either:

  1. You’re foolish, (and the Bible tells you the things that happens to a fool — see Proverbs 1:32, 26:3, 19:3 — so that’s one level of invitation for trouble).
  2. You’re not a fool, but you’re ignorant. It doesn’t change a thing; people perish for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6).

But you must know, that thou shalt not tempt the Lord your God. You look for something, and you invite it? You’d better be ready to bear the consequences.

What’s wrong with you? Why did you invite it? What did you want when you said the words? If words don’t mean anything, then why did Satan say to Jesus, “Just bow to me”? (Matthew 4) Just defer to me. Just do a little thing. It doesn’t matter. Do you think that Jesus’ heart would suddenly love Satan for Him to bow to him? Why are people put to death just because they refuse to denounce Christ? Why are people told, ‘Just say, “I denounce Christ”, and we’ll let you gg?  They say, ‘That’s all! Just make that sound, and we will let you go’. And when the people refuse to make the sound, they are killed.

What I am saying is that there are all sorts of incantations and spells, and things that are not just from our time and space. So you may wonder, ‘What is really in a spell? Nothing, it’s just a spell’. No, it’s not just a spell.

Do not say them. Don’t keep saying those things. If those words mean nothing, then why are there ancient books with ancient records? Why do magicians, wizards and sorcerers carry things and keep them; read, use, and utter them? For fun? No, those things have real impact. People drop dead [when they are cursed]. People get paralyzed. Things happen to people, just by things being spoken to them. The devil loves to prey upon the foolish and the ignorant. We must not be foolish and ignorant. We must be very wise. We must fill our hearts with things that are pure.

I was speaking to a couple of people sometime ago about how out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. We must be very, very conscious of this. This Charlie Challenge is just wicked. Someone made a plan to that this New Year, they would flood the place with demons, and you can imagine with the power of instant messaging, the millions and millions of people who have done the challenge, and all the portals that are opening. [Now, as a congregation, God has spoken to us about portals and we had been seeing portals opening].

When something like this happens, always look at what God has indicated/spoken just shortly before. One of our sisters has just had a dream about how there were these beings/demons all around the world; and she didn’t even know about this challenge before she had the dream. And one of our brothers had had a prophetic word about stuff that comes out online and how we should react to it [that is, that we should not find delight in watching videos that do not glorify God or that are dishonoring/mocking God].

It is no coincidence that that Brother’s word came out today, same day as when the challenge does. Do not share the videos of Charlie Challenge. Do not engage in it. Share content that edify and bless people and draw them closer to God.

God bless us.


Pastor Ita Udoh

6th January, 2021

© God’s Lighthouse 2021

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