Judgment and Redemption

 (I got this on the first of August, and I think it has to do with the tides changing, and this being a season of harvest and prosperity.)

I saw a hand fan, white handle, red feathers, and silver fluted leaves on the end, moving as if an invisible hand was fanning furiously. The wind it created was judgment and redemption. I heard “I wound and I heal; I tear down and I bind up.”

Then I saw burning clouds and there were red angels circling around. One of them was going around a large mushroom. The mushroom was like a hologram projected above a building. I heard that the judgment will come on the leaven of the Pharisees which is hypocrisy, and judgment will begin in His house.

The sky was yellow and blue, and there was a giant creature with the same colors (yellow and blue); it just covered everything like a seal underneath the sky. I heard that it had shut up the rains, and it began to rain knives or short swords.

Then there was a woman made of sand, she was called Babylon and the wind from the fanning blew her until everywhere looked like a desert, and the swords were still raining down.

I heard, “The wisdom of Joseph”, which I got to understand referred to storing up food during the seven years of plenty for the seven years of famine God revealed. This wisdom supersedes the wisdom of the five wise virgins who had enough oil for themselves but not enough to spare. By the wisdom of Joseph, Egypt became a storehouse of food for the nations.

About the swords, what I heard – “I will always have a remnant.”

– Sis M.E.
 Monday, August 14 2017

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