ET03 | Bus Preaching Experience


Some weeks ago, I had the challenge of preaching in the bus. I live far away from our meeting place and as a result of this, I am always entering buses but preaching has remained a serious challenge. After the tracts were printed and shared, that day I preached in the first bus on my way back and was excited even though nothing extraordinary happened.

In the second bus, after greeting them, I began to preach from Amos 5:4-5 about knowing God personally not only through your pastor. The whole bus was silent and the people paid attention. I shared the tracts to the people in the bus and one woman rejected it initially but accepted it after a while. When I alighted, the bus driver excitedly asked for a tract as I had skipped him and I gave him two! Then he asked if my number was there! My earnest prayer was for boldness to preach in every bus I enter. Last Sunday on my way to church, I preached too and was filled with so much joy.


My joy was so much that I forgot some books I had loaded into a tricycle when I alighted because I had seen some other brethren. When I discovered this, I ran very fast and boarded another tricycle to go after the driver but I was too late! I couldn’t find him. After I had done all I could, coupled with hearing discouraging words that it would be difficult to find him, I decided to pray to God. Few minutes after that, I walked down the street and guess what? The driver appeared by my side saying he had been searching for me. God answers prayers.


When I got to my locality during the weekend, I decided to spend the night in an uncle’s house. He refused to listen to me when I tried to speak to him about God because he disagreed with some of our beliefs. He insisted I settled that issue first before I spoke to him. He stood up but his wife stayed back and listened to me far into the night. During the morning devotion, the man had questions and I had already talked about those things with his wife the previous night so I kept referring him to his wife. We went on talking and I even had the believers’ classes with them, I even got them note books and encouraged them to get new Bibles. A particular business I was to do didn’t go through which would have made me leave that day so I was opportune to stay another night with them. We prayed that night, and even had revelations in dreams! The couple was really excited.

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