Time to Build

5th January, 2022

While I was praying and responding to the things I heard, I had the impression to pray and speak to the hearts of other soldiers in the Army of God. Then I started praying and I had the impression to write down what I was saying. This is what I was saying:

 “Wake up! Wake up! Sleeping soldiers, wake up!

Builders of the temple; it’s time to build. It’s time to work.

 “Hear the call of the King, carry His burden, feel His heart. This is the call.

 “Prepare to receive your King. Honor your King. Build His temple. Join Him in the work of building His temple.

 “Evangelists, Torch-bearers, Sword-carriers, Watchmen, Pastors, Teachers, Soldiers — wake up!

 “Respond to the call of the King. Go to your duty post and work.

 Do not be discouraged or weary, the Lord is with you.

“It is His temple, and He will build it. Come join Him NOW!”


5th January, 2022

– Sis B.G

© God’s Lighthouse, 2022.

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