Message To The Intercessors – Part 2

13th June 2022

While we prayed for the intercessors of Nigeria, I saw myself walking down a path and it seemed I was being led underground. I had the impression that this place was below a city, that is, a city was built on top of it. Walking further down the path, I saw that this “underground” area was very dirty, it looked like a sewer/sewage, because it was very dirty and smelly. As I looked closer because the place was quite dark, I saw that I was walking through a corridor that had a lot of doors still in that path.

I got that through any of these doors, an outsider can easily invade the city upstairs, by just following this underground path.

I saw that the intercessors of Nigeria were to walk down this under ground path and keep the doors locked so that enemies will not sneak into the nation through these doors.

In the vision, I saw myself trying to walk through the corridor and I noticed that there was dirty water on the floor but I ignored it. As I tried to step into the water to get to the doors so I could help keep them locked, I saw that my leg started rotting once it came in contact with the dirty water. Then I realized that my leg was exposed, I saw that I was wearing just slippers.

That’s when I started praying for a proper covering for the intercessors under my breath. I got that the rotting from the water represented “people being affected by POLITICS”, especially what is being said and reported. The impression I had was of propagandas, it was going to affect those that are to be praying and redirect their focus on what they are actually supposed to pray about.

So, I started praying for armor that will shield us (intercessors) properly from whatever things that will try to discourage us from praying in line with God’s will. I saw that as we prayed for the covering, we had this orange overalls put on us, similar to fire fighters’ uniform and we also had strong boots on.

 We went underground and were given different keys. There were different groups of people, not just us. The “fifty-two” men vision from last week came to mind again. And we were given different keys for the different doors in that corridor. I had the impression that this particular intercessory group had two specific doors we were to keep shut and it represented something but am not very sure what exactly.

 We were given keys for those two doors; then other doors and their keys were assigned to different groups. Then I saw some groups giving their keys to what looked like the enemy. So, the enemy was able to open and close up their doors. I got that there will be a reshuffling of authorities and more authority will be given to those that are faithful.


13TH JUNE 2022



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