Message To The Intercessors – Part 1

9th June 2022

Message To The Intercessors Of Nigeria

While we were praying for clarity as to regards the elections, I saw myself in an arena. There was a crowd of people seated and they were watching two bulls fight. They were identical and they had very red eyes, they looked very angry.

I heard “The game has begun”, immediately that was said, there was a red flag that was dropped and the bulls were released from their cages. They came out and began fighting aggressively. I and a group of people who I had the impression were intercessors, were not in the crowd, we were standing in the arena court itself, in close range to where the bulls were fighting. So, we were watching it up close compared to others that were watching from afar. I saw that they were using mainly their horns to fight.

They had similar strengths too. So, nobody really knew who was going to win, they would go back and forth with their horns.

I realize that one of their horns was breaking off after much force from the other bull, the horn broke off and that other bull that broke off the first bull’s horn used his own horn to hook the other and then turned him into a fire that appeared by the side. Shortly after this stunt, the other bull got his leg burnt too by the same fire. The point I got was that they were both going to be hurt and they were both not willing to give up, during this fight, I saw a brown goat which I felt represented another candidate and it sat down by the side because it didn’t seem to have as much strength as the other two bulls.

At some point, I felt someone drag me from that arena in the vision. It seemed like we were not supposed to be there because it was almost like a useless battle but we were not supposed to be there.

Then after I felt that hand pull me from that arena. I found myself in a room. It looked like a sitting room but at the same time it also felt like I was in heaven. In this particular parlor, there were a lot of people watching and we were all wearing white. And there were a lot of people who I had the impression were intercessors for Nigeria watching a particular big screen. I saw that different ones of them were paying close attention to what was being played on the screen and they kept asking “is it this person? is it this person?” It seemed like they were enquiring for the same thing. The room seemed very comfortable.

It seemed like they all had the same question in their hearts and I could literally hear them out loud, “Who is going to win? Whose picture is going to appear? whose picture is going to appear?”

I saw an angel holding a treasure chest appear, he was standing just beside the tv. Different people were trying to reach that chest to find out what was inside. I think what was inside was the name of the person that was going to win.

Then when I tried to reach out, the impression I had was “Why do you want to see it?” While still in that parlor, I heard “You’re not supposed to be there. You are supposed to go and lock up the gate.” I kept having this impression that I was supposed to leave that parlor and go downstairs and lock up different rooms. The whole thing of protecting the nation was coming to mind. I heard “the thief is coming and when he comes, he is going to strike if the gates are open.” So, the emphasis was not on being in that sitting room and watching the tv. The emphasis was on us actually being watchmen, going to the city and locking up gates.

After I heard this, it looked like I actually went downstairs and then I realized that downstairs was not as bright as the living room we were in. That place was very comfortable and nice and the underground area I was taken to looked like a sewer. There were rats and snakes. I needed a torch in my hand to move through and see the doors that needed to be locked. The impression I had was of praying more for the nation.

Then I saw the shape of the map of Nigeria, it was encrusted on earth. There were different rifts on it. It was cracked on different sides and then I saw the upper segment of it and it seemed like it had joined together. The impression I had from that vision was that we were to pray continually to join different rifts together. Then I remembered the whole tribal prayers which we had started, and the prayers for healing and how it would help in locking up the nation from the different portals that were  to open up and let things into the nation.

I had the impression that those doors were portals and, in the past, we had seen the enemy trying to enter and how if they were closed up, no matter who was trying to open it up or trying to give access. There would always be a blockage because it had been sealed ahead of time.

I saw that the different rifts from that mold of Nigeria had been sealed up. Then shortly afterwards I saw a man come to the middle of that Nigeria earthen mold and he tried to plunge in a stick and the impression I had was that if that stick goes in, it was going to almost crush the nation completely to just sand. There will still be a shape of Nigeria but it will just be dust but it will not be firm again.

I saw that the more we would fix those rifts, no matter how powerful that stick may be, it will not destroy it or it will not have as much effect it would have had if there were no prayers being made over Nigeria and the different sectors.


9TH JUNE 2022



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