Nigeria: Conquering with Light

7th January 2022

(…) Then I saw China, and it seemed they were conjuring dark smoke to spread over other nations. I became afraid for our country Nigeria, because it seemed as if we weren’t prepared, humanly speaking.

At the same time, when other nations saw this, they started conjuring theirs to do the same. They just wanted to turn the world upside down with whatever activities they were doing.

I started praying, asking God to cover Nigeria; in His mercy He should protect us from this darkness (dark smoke) — let it not get to us or hit us so bad. If it does, we would feel helpless.

[I don’t know what exactly they (China) were doing, but it was in form of dark smoke]. The way to overcome this darkness was by CONQUERING WITH LIGHT.


7th January 2022

– Sis. DS

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