Arise O Soldiers!

20th September 2021

When we prayed for Nigeria, I saw clouds; some were bright, others were dark.

I really wanted to know what it meant but I just heard, “Pray, keep praying” and I did so.

Then I heard, “close the heavens”. The voice was loud and the words were said many times.

I saw dark clouds cover the sky. At this point, the voice that spoke started breaking, and I almost cried however, I kept praying in the spirit. After praying for a while, I saw a bright, sharp light shoot through the sky and the dark clouds were gone.

Then I saw the skies open and a long, shining mighty sword struck the earth from heaven. It was so huge, I couldn’t believe it. It shone a blinding light through, around the entire place it struck.

Also, when we enquired about the prophetic word “Where are my warriors?” – a word we had during one of our all night meetings, I heard, They are sleeping, they are not at their duty post. Then I saw a huge rock and a few soldiers were behind the rock playing cards. They were not ready for battle.

On the other side of the rock was a teeming army of soldiers from the enemy’s camp. I had the impression that the soldiers were supposed to be on the offensive at all times, but they were so relaxed that they weren’t defending themselves as they should. I kept hearing, “Where are my soldiers? Who will fight?”


-20th September 2021

-Sister  I.O

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